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Musical Artists


Keyton offers a fresh look on pop-driven rock music.”

Street Wave Media


Keyton is an indie musician from North Alabama that performs melodic rock reminiscent of 2000’s emo. His newest release features the work of Alkaline Trio drummer Atom Willard, bassist Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), singer-songwriter Billy the Kid, and grammy-nominated producer Bobby Holland. Musical vibes range from bittersweet acoustic melodies, to energetic pop punk.

Keyton spent years touring the southeast (most notably 2007-2012) as a solo acoustic artist, opening for such indie greats as The Ataris, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio), Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids), Anthony Raneri (Bayside), and Mike Herrera (MXPX). 

Gritty sonics and introspective lyricism.”

The Bandcamp Diaries

Remy Neal

[Remy Neal's] voice is simply ravishing...” - Alessandro Iglesias


Born of  Broadway theatrics, New York artistry, and Southern comfortability, Remy Neal’s talent is undeniable. Since returning to his Southern roots in Huntsville, AL after an immersion in the City That Never Sleeps, he continues to create his unique, eclectic sound and vibrant, visual performances.  

Pulling from the influences of Lady Gaga, Elton John, Sia, and Justin Jesso, Remy’s evolution into an unconventional artist captivates audiences. Playing to crowds at Mars Music Hall, The Princess Theater, Don’t Tell Momma (NYC and Las Vegas), Town Hall (NYC), and a residency at The Bowery Vault, his multi-faceted sound resonates with those in search of the noteworthy. 

With his latest project, The Paradise Spectrum, Remy draws on past experiences to develop a musical journey all his own and it has critics raving.   

Remy Neal is the city's synth-pop unicorn. Just by the kind of music he plays, sleek, dramatic, keyboard-driven, tuneful, visual - Neal would stick out in this tertiary Southern market. On top of that, he's really good at it. The Paradise Spectrum is a collection of colorful, clever pop refreshingly low on empty calories.” - Matt Wake

Amber Cavanaugh


Amber Cavanaugh is a Huntsville based performer who blends unique original songs and crowd favorites. Influenced by a spectrum that includes 1950s cabaret to 21st century indie rock, she has been performing in the southeastern US for nearly ten years. 

When not performing live, she can be found writing and composing songs, which have been described as "a blend of romanticism and the macabre, which somehow ironically celebrate the joy of life".

[Amber's songs are] catchy and sort of breezy with an easy going vibe... reflective and warm. Not only are the lyrics dreamy but so is the music. Cavanaugh has a great voice.”

— Divide and Conquer Music



Born in Lima Peru, raised in Miami, FL, Gorrio brings passion, energy, and love! A pop genre with Latino flavor. Driven with a classical guitar sound, hip-hop beats, and romantic lyrics, Gorrio’s music is sure to get you dancing.

Visual Artists

Raven Armstead

Raven Armstead, aka Rave of “Rave Sake Studios", is a self-studied traditional artist from Atlanta, GA, now Huntsville, AL based. She spends most of her time learning, crafting and sharing Fine Art originals, prints, coloring books and murals that focus on expression, connection and flow. This art has been her therapy since childhood and as of 2021 is her full time job.

Making use of many mediums, (especially acrylics, wood, charcoal, pencil and metal foils) Rave uses textures and layers to bring pieces to life. She achieves an ethereal, whimsical feeling throughout each series while keeping the main focus on features and body types that are unique in different ways. These creations are meant to encourage and inspire people of all backgrounds to embrace and display the perfect imperfections we share, for the {sake} of therapy in art."